Screen Mom 475ml, XL Natural Screen Cleaner Kit with Premium Microfiber Cloth

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Designed and manufactured in USA, Screen Mom uses unique natural ingredients to make your screen look new again. Blended from sustainable plant based ingredients, Screen Mom uses no alcohol, ammonia, or nasty phosphates like many other household cleaning products. This makes Screen Mom scent free, gentle on screens and totally safe to use around the home.

Screen Mom effectively removes fingerprints, smudges, streaks and all other dust and debris from your screen with ease. Supplied with a large 40cm square premium microfiber cloth, the Screen Mom 473ml kit is the complete cleaning solution.

Tested with all major electronics brands, Screen Mom is perfect for cleaning monitors, tablets, TV’s and phones as well as mirrors and glass around the home.

Kit Includes

473ml ScreenMom – Ridiculously large bottle that contains over 1,572 sprays (yes, we actually tested this!)

Large Purple 40 cm x 40 cm Microfiber Cloth.Incredible Value – Large bottle provides enough solution for 1,572 sprays making it suitable for home and work
Safe and Natural – Plant based product with no odor, alcohol, ammonia, or harmful phosphates. Totally safe to use around family and pets
Streak-Free – ScreenMom gives your screen a like new appearance again that you will love. Also effective to use for cleaning Windows Mirrors and Glasses
Gently Cleans – TVs, PC monitors, Tablets, Laptops, Smartphone displays, Apple Mac Products, iPhones, LED and LCD Screen displays