Building a Windows 10 Home Server

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Windows 10 is Microsoft’s all-new release of the PC operating system, with significant enhancements over its predecessor that you’ll want to learn all about.

Building a Windows 10 Home Server is our latest step by step guide to installing and configuring Windows 10 as a powerful home or media server. Packed with tips, tricks and guided walkthroughs, you’ll quickly get to grips with what’s new in Windows before configuring your PC as the heart of your home network.

Written by eight-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional awardee, Terry Walsh, Building a Windows 10 Home Server lifts the curtain on Microsoft’s new Windows-as-a-service proposition, guiding new and experienced users through upgrading to the new release on an existing PC or installing the software on freshly built hardware.

Get the low-down on this year’s media server hardware and software recommendations and deep-dive the latest technology, like new M.2 storage modules, the latest motherboard and BIOS features, real-time media transcoding and much more.

With hundreds of detailed, full-colour screenshots, this 890 page step by step guide walks you through the steps to configure a first-class home server setup, using Windows 10, supporting applications and a PC you may already own.

Detailed walkthroughs include a full guide to building a home server PC, configuring network settings for local and remote access, managing storage pools and Windows RAID arrays, protecting family user accounts and integrating Microsoft’s latest cloud services.

Vital topics such as managing data security and family safety are covered in depth, showing how features already built into Windows 10 can be configured to protect the things and the people that matter most.

Building a Windows 10 Home Server updates and significantly extends our previous guide, Building a Home Server With Windows 8.1, offering additional tips, tricks and walkthroughs to further optimise and enhance your setup. And we’re not yet done! Stay tuned as the book is extended over the coming months with bonus chapters covering a range of third-party media applications to take your home server to the next level!

Spend some time with Windows 10 and you’ll realise its the best release of Windows for many years – Building a Windows 10 Home Server will help you get up to speed quickly with what’s new and support you in creating a fabulous media server that will serve you for years to come.